Booking Engine Vendor Shortlist

We’ve surveyed 2957 hoteliers across more than 108 countries to understand which are the best Booking Engine vendors, along with everything you need to know in order to buy the right Booking Engine for your hotel (including our 2022 Booking Engine Guide). We also aggregate key decision criteria data including integration availability, partner ecosystem, expert recommendations and more (learn more about HTR’s ranking methodology).
Each property has different characteristics, needs, preferences and budgets. Use the filters below to instantly analyze thousands of reviews to find the perfect fit for your hotel.

 4.4 (526 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 100 HT SCORE
winner logo badge 2022 WINNER
Increase your direct bookings to grow your revenue and take control of your guest experiences with SiteMinder’s high-

 4.7 (431 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 98 HT SCORE
second finalist logo 2022 FINALIST
Direct booking technology, web design, digital marketing, meta search, distribution strategy

 4.7 (338 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 96 HT SCORE
third logo finalist 2022 FINALIST
We believe that through technology every hotel can have its direct website as its biggest single channel for attracting

 4.7 (263 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 94 HT SCORE
The premium booking platform for leisure hotels and resorts

Net Affinity
 4.6 (256 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 93 HT SCORE
Get the bookings you need! A booking platform built to convert and empower.

 4.4 (152 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 88 HT SCORE
innRoad's Booking Engine Turns Lookers Into Bookers. Clients See 20% More Direct Bookings!

 4.8 (123 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 88 HT SCORE
Enjoy more commission-free bookings and protect your revenue with Worry-Free Bookings™.

 4.4 (121 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 80 HT SCORE
Our Booking Engine is intuitive, elegant, and packed with features to help you convert lookers into direct bookers

Vertical Booking
 4.6 (39 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 77 HT SCORE
Customizable booking engine for brands and independents ft. upselling tools, reservations interface and dynamic packaging.

 4.3 (37 REVIEWS)
Ht score logo 75 HT SCORE
Booking engine built to get your guests booking directly with you.

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